About Knolibri

We believe that learning is more effective and has much more durable results if it is connected to the healthy mental activity related to problem-solving. Knolibri is a knowledge-centric learning and quiz service with collaborative quality assurance. It aims to enhance the process of learning by allowing creation, searching for and solving of public questions and quizzes with automatic valuation.

Registration is free and easy, you don't even need a new password to remember. Registered users can collect Knowledge Points (KP) for each correctly solved question and/or Reputation Points (RP) for creating questions or quizzes when they get rated. More and more functions will open up as you accumulate these points.
▼ Functions \ User type ► Guest Registered user
* 1000 KP and min. 75% High Knowledge Rating
Check rating and trial statistics for questions/quizzes
Detailed search for questions and/or quizzes
Answer question
Answer quiz
Create question
Create quiz
Show solution and result after answering
Mark favorite
Rate question/quiz quality ✔ (20 KP)
Rate question/quiz age ✔ (50 KP)
Rate question/quiz difficulty ✔ (100 KP)
Master rating ✔ (1000 KP*)
Publish own question/quiz
Import questions ✔ (50 RP)
Create official tags ✔ (100 RP)
Export own questions ✔ (150 RP)
Set official initial age/difficulty ✔ (200 RP)
Show ratings for own questions/quizzes ✔ (300 RP)
Show trials for own questions/quizzes ✔ (400 RP)
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